Samuel Rad has been recognized by many actors and celebrities for his work and generosity. He continues to help others while enjoying his life as a small town family man. Below are photos of some of his past run-ins with some successful people of our time.

Celebrity Financial Advisor in Los Angeles

One of the pitfalls of fame and fortune for celebrities is that they often have people approaching them about questionable investment opportunities—or to beg them for loans or financial assistance. While there are plenty of opportunities for high-net-worth individuals to be charitable and generous with their money, they should do so as part of a larger financial planning strategy.

Working with a trusted Los Angeles celebrity financial advisor can help you establish a sound plan and keep your long-term financial standing in a stable position. By engaging in comprehensive financial planning, you can maintain strict control over your assets and property for many years to come, and avoid being lured into potentially dishonest or damaging “business opportunities.”

Samuel Rad’s celebrity financial planning services include:

  • Asset management

  • Full-service financial planning

  • Real estate advice

  • Charitable giving advice

  • Investments

  • Tax strategies

  • Wealth and estate planning

Why choose Samuel Rad?

Numerous actors, entertainers, and celebrities have recognized Samuel Rad for his focus, high-quality work, and his generosity. His clients regularly seek his advice and insights on various issues related to celebrities’ investments and worth. For example:

Samuel Rad’s experience also makes him an ideal financial advisor. He has been helping clients with financial planning for over 11 years. His career began in the world of big financial corporations. But then, after the Great Recession, he headed off on his own to start his firm.

Today, he continues to work with high-profile and high-wealth individuals across the country, helping them meet and exceed their financial goals using a range of proven strategies.

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