Portfolio Management

Samuel Rad and his team provide active portfolio management services to individuals and businesses in Los Angeles, California and the surrounding communities.


How can portfolio management help me or my business?

Portfolio management involves a delicate balancing act based on an individual’s or business’s objectives. One or more investments in a portfolio may no longer be performing in a way that suits the financial goals. In addition, financial objectives change, therefore making it essential that portfolios change with those objectives.

Portfolio management can help you or your business stay on track of your goals as the market changes. Samuel Rad and his team will weigh risk and performance; finding the right allocations to meet your needs and finding the right opportunities for your specific situation, just to name a few. Simply put, we do the research and analysis to help maximize your financial performance, while staying in line with your preferred level of risk.

Whether you’re in the beginning phases of building up your portfolio or you haven’t been happy with how your portfolio is performing, contact Samuel Rad and his team today by using the contact form to find out if portfolio management is right for you.