His Story

For nearly 10 years, Samuel Rad has helped make retirement dreams a reality for today’s retirees. His firm specializes in working with retirees and those nearing retirement to preserve their wealth, plan their future and protect their legacy. With an emphasis on income maximization, cost minimization, wealth generation, and estate preservation, his comprehensive new-age approach to retirement planning is geared towards each client’s individual goals.

Sam’s story began after our founders witnessed first-hand the devastating impact of the market turmoil that followed 9/11. The 40% market collapse that followed had a profound impact on so many people, but perhaps most significantly on those who were already in retirement or just approaching their retirement years. For many, their retirement dreams and what they had worked a lifetime to save had been taken from them and altered forever by unimaginable events out of their control.

Recognizing a need for a fresh approach to retirement planning rather than the same old roller-coaster approach, Sam set out with a vision of helping others make their retirement dreams a reality in this “new world” economy. He has done so by using new innovative investment strategies designed to help reduce cost and risk to the investor while allowing them to capture market gains.

Sam currently serves as the financial controller and a distinguished member of the board of directors to LASHA: a nonprofit foundation dedicated to promoting the well-being of the Sephardic elderly in the greater Los Angeles area.

He currently lectures at UCLA ,West Los Angeles College, Los Angeles Harbor College, Cerritos College and is a regular guest on the “Smart Money Fundamentals” radio show onĀ KRLA 870AM

UCLA Financial Advisor Instructor