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Fixed Investments

Investing does not have to be hard.  You can start small and build up as you go.  Many people believe wealth management means stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.  However, many discerning investors have made their fortune through buying real estate, business, and other types of fixed-income investments which have a compounding effect over time.


What is a fixed income investment?

Most financial advisors provide only stock market investment advice.  While that is important, it is also in your best interest to get advice about investments that are not related to the stock market so you can best diversify.


Financial freedom is crucial for living a stress-free life. If you are starting young, you can be an early adopter of lucrative income vehicles. Whether you are intrigued by the state/local taxes on tax-free fixed-income investments through municipal bonds, a financial coach is essential when it comes to getting good advice on where to put your money.  Not every investment makes sense for everyone. 

If you are looking for the best compound interest investments,  you need to stay invested. From treasury bills, and high interest saving accounts to stocks and alternative investments like REITs, the concept is straightforward. The longer you wait for your investments to grow, instead of constantly moving or withdrawing your money, the faster they will grow. 

There are many financial apps for budgeting that help you track your spending, but do they help you in growing your money? Depending on your lifestyle and your personal dreams, each person should invest in smart investment choices across various industries, ranging from technology to real estate,  which can be managed to give you the best results. Building your income is easy? Samuel Rad is an award-winning Financial Advisor and as a fiduciary, he will advise only sensible steps to help you grow your money.

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