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Social Security Advice

To most people, the amount of money they receive from their Social Security benefits is set in stone and not something that they have any control over. But did you know that there are ways to maximize Social Security benefits? Samuel Rad and his team assist residents of Los Angeles, California, and the surrounding communities with Social Security maximization strategies.

One of the best examples of maximizing Social Security benefits involves the age that you choose to start claiming benefits. The age that you decide to start claiming benefits can dramatically decrease or increase the amount that you receive every month. Age isn’t the only factor though; spousal benefits, whether or not you decide to work part-time while claiming benefits, and many other situations can all influence your Social Security payments.

Your financial advisor could help, when it comes to handling your Social Security money. if you are among the large number of Americans who think that the entire (Social Security) amount needs to be withdrawn at 62 (just the eligibility age), you'd need some more guidance! Here's when you need to see your fiduciary financial advisor who'll advice you on Social Security matters.

Some of the common queries on Social Security are on spousal benefits. A spouse is entitled to the total amount only after his/her full retirement age. If the benefits are to be withdrawn before the retirement age, the benefit value needs to be forgone. This deduction could go down to ½ of the total amount that spouse was entitled to at his/her complete retirement stage!

Why is a Social Security evaluation important?

The decisions that you make today can affect your Social Security payments later on in life. By evaluating your situation now, you’ll have the knowledge to make the best decisions for your specific situation later on. Even if you’re already receiving Social Security benefits, Samuel Rad and his team can evaluate your circumstances to make sure you’re maximizing your benefits to the fullest extent.

For instance, do you know the age after which your Social Security will no longer be taxed? It's somewhere between 65 to 67 years of age when you'll be entitled to the entire amount tax-free!

Best of all, you don’t have to wait to find out more information regarding the Social Security maximization!


Samuel Rad and his team of social security financial advisors have prepared an in-depth free report that you can download right now from below to increase your knowledge about Social Security maximization.

Act now – get your free report and then contact Samuel Rad, and his team of the best financial advisors in Los Angeles to start maximizing your benefits today!

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