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Samuel Rad has been recognized by many actors and celebrities for his work and generosity. He continues to help others while enjoying his life as a small town family man. 

Celebrity Financial Advisor in Los Angeles

One of the pitfalls of fame and fortune for celebrities is that they often have people approaching them about questionable investment opportunities—or to beg them for loans or financial assistance. While there are plenty of opportunities for high-net-worth individuals to be charitable and generous with their money, they should do it as part of a larger financial planning strategy.

Do actors have financial advisors?

Actors are well-versed with the risks and opportunities that this industry holds! They do understand that they require a reliable team of financial advisors with specific expertise in different investment avenues to manage their billionaire portfolio.

What do celebrities do with all their money?

​Celebrities and entertainers deal with a cash flow that’s volatile and uncertain. They, therefore, need to stress on savings and save big for the future. A big chunk of media people spent their ‘alien’ amount of money for a lot of noble causes apart from buying homes, vacations, cars and even jets!

‘Giving Pledge’ is a commitment that urges the wealthiest to spend most of their wealth on society's most pressing problems. Many celebrities today, choose to work with the financial guys – their trusted celebrity financial advisor, Samuel Rad to help them establish a sound financial plan. We are here to keep your long-term financial standing in a stable position.


A financial plan in place is imperative to even out the highs and lows of an inconstant income. With a celebrity financial advisor, you get a clear overview of “financial planning” to help manage your assets and property for many years to come. And yes, avoid being lured into potentially dishonest or damaging “business opportunities”!

For your retirement planning in Los Angeles, we try to stick to a meticulous step-by-step approach. With all your funds, assets, income sources, etc. at hand, the very first thing that we try to do is – figure out what’s working, what’s not, and what could be improved – as far as all your investments are concerned.

The financial planning solutions that are framed are highly individualized ones. A few of them might even overhaul the structure of your financial savings!

We understand that the lives of celebrities are public and even a minuscule of information could pop up in the limelight. So, here’s our word – and you can rest assured we’ll stick to it – your privacy is our primary concern, and we promise to remain on top of it.

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