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Celebrity Financial Advisor Comments on Richard Simmons’ Net Worth

Los Angeles, California- Richard Simmons would most likely never have to work another day in his life if he doesn’t want to. Therefore it does not come as a surprise that these days he has chosen to relax at his Hollywood Hills mansion.

In recent months, this 68-year old tank top and short shorts-wearing motivational TV personality and fitness icon have made headlines over his absence from public life since 2014, as underlined in the Missing Richard Simmons No. 1 podcast. Most recently, in a Facebook post that was quite confusing, he has addressed concerns about his health after a stint he did in the hospital due to indigestion.

The reason why his absence is especially mysterious is due to his dynamic presence and the fact that he always appeared to be confident and cheerful with the general public. The public is also what made him rich.

It is estimated that Simmons has a net worth that is at least $15 million. It has been reported that collectively over the years; Richard Simmons helped people lose 10 million pounds.

In a feature article from E! Online, celebrity financial advisor Samuel Rad told E!: “Realistically I would estimate that his net worth is somewhere between $15 to $30 million.”

He explained: “When we examine Richard Simmons net worth, we are not only looking at what is in his bank accounts, we are also looking at what the value of his property is as well as the value of his aerobics studio and business. Who could say what that would be worth if he sold it, right? Other aspects that we are looking at are his name value as well as his name brand recognition.”

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