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Introducing The Top Financial Advisor Samuel Rad

Samuel Rad is an award winning fee-based Financial Planner with Affluencer Financial in Los Angeles, California. 

Mr. Rad has multiple licenses in the financial, real estate, and insurance fields. 

He has spent a considerable amount of his career lecturing at universities and companies, on financial topics such as financial planningretirement planningand estate planning. Sam lectures at UCLA, Cerritos and West Los Angeles College.

Sam Rad Voted Los Angeles best Certified Financial Planner. Committed to helping you accomplish your financial goals.

    You have worked hard to build up your wealth over the course of your lifetime. Through proper financial planning, you can maximize your assets and property for years to come—especially as you near retirement.

For the guidance and advice you need in these efforts, work with award-winning Los Angeles Certified Financial Planner Samuel Rad.


    With his years of experience and multiple licenses in financial, real estate, and insurance fields, Sam is the resource you need when preparing for your financial future. He is also a fee-based financial advisor, which means he focuses more on advice than sales.

A range of financial and retirement planning services tailored to your specific needs.

Working with a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) like Sam means you receive the personal attention and dependable guidance you need and deserve as you engage in proper planning. His firm’s comprehensive services include the following:

  •  Holistic Financial Planning: Sam and his elite team enable you to effectively manage your finances, giving you ultimate control and greater flexibility as you plan for the future. This may include preparing for retirement, taxes and Social Security benefits, among others.

  • Wealth & Estate Planning: Everyone in California should have an estate plan, especially if you have considerable assets or property. Samuel and his team of attorneys will help you establish a plan that allows you to provide more of your wealth to your chosen beneficiaries and avoid costly estate taxes.

  • Real Estate Advice: Most financial firms do not advise on one of the biggest investments that their clients own. Sam is an expert in real estate planning and advice. Whether you are buying a home or selling one, he will guide you on what strategy maximizes your profits.

  • Tax Strategies: If necessary, Samuel offers cohesive advice on how you can best leverage your money while reducing your tax exposure. In areas like tax planning, retirement planning, investment guidance, taxes play a very important role in giving you a cutting edge. 

Schedule Your Free Financial Planning Session with Sam Today

Samuel Rad is a fee-based financial planner dedicated to helping you secure the financial or retirement goals you’ve always wanted. To learn more, contact his Los Angeles financial planning firm online or at 310-935-4726 today and set up an appointment.

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The value of a dedicated Certified Financial Planner like Sam

   When you work with Sam, you will meet one-on-one with a Los Angeles financial advisor who cares about your needs, goals, and concerns as they relate to your finances. Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach, he focuses on carefully analyzing your situation and developing a strategy that is right for you. He speaks clearly without technical terms so you can understand what you are doing in order to make smart financial decisions for yourself and your family.

   Whether you are close to retirement or have a decade or more to prepare, your plan will depend on your specific income, expenses, assets, liabilities, savings, investments and any other relevant factors unique to you.

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