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Samuel Rad Explains Kim Kardashian West Loss from Social Media Hiatus

Samuel Rad, Celebrity Financial Advisor, Explains Kim Kardashian West´s Estimated Loss Due to Her Social Media Hiatus

Los Angeles, California- Kim Kardashian West, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star was robbed in Paris, and due to this she has stopped posting on social media and has suspended all commitments indefinitely – these decisions could end up costing her over $1 million a month.

Since she was bound, gagged, and robbed of almost $11 million worth of jewelry at gunpoint in Paris on Monday morning at her No Address Hotel room, she has deliberately withdrawn from the public’s eye not only at in-person events and online. Although in the short-term her monetary losses could be significant, Samuel Rad, a financial expert explained to PEOPLE that in the long-term she could capitalize – if “her return to social media is positioned correctly.”

Samuel Rad, a financial mentor to celebrities, explained to PEOPLE that Kim Kardashian West’s “overall brand generated a minimum of $1 million per month only through general posts, this does not include any which is specifically contracted with companies.” this is apart from special events appearances where he has estimated that she racks in something around $200,000 to $300,000. Rad also estimated that the non-ad related personal posts “are worth a minimum of $200,000 for her overall brand, a piece.”

Even though she could potentially “lose close to $1 million per month” even from simply withdrawing from social media, Rad told PEOPLE that when she returns to posting, it could be beneficial in the long term: “I believe that what will occur is that after not having posted for some time, the first post that she put up will provide her with a lot more followers and hits. I believe this could actually end up helping her. Especially if Kim’s return to social media is positioned correctly…I believed that it could be a very large moneymaker for her brand.”

Rad states: “people are looking forward to hearing from Kim,” he adds “if she positions herself correctly, she could end up with a unique blockbuster media score.”

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