• Samuel Rad

10 Questions to Ask Your Financial Advisor

1.     When is the market going to decline? How should I prepare? 2.     How big a threat is inflation? Should I plan ahead? 3.     Am I taking too much risk? 4.     Do my investments have a safety net? 5.     Should I move my money now? Is it too late? 6.     What are the fees and commissions for my investments? 7.     Should I focus on liquidity? 8.     Why is the financial news so contradictory? Who is right? 9.     What is diversification? Do I have it? 10.   Should I be saving more for retirement?

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Samuel Rad is an award winning fee-based Financial Planner with Affluencer Financial Advisors in Los Angeles, California. Mr. Rad has multiple licenses in the investments, real estate, and insurance fields. He has spent a considerable amount of his career lecturing at universities and companies, on financial topics such as financial planning, retirement planning, and estate planning. He currently lectures at UCLA and West Los Angeles College.