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5 Happy Places to Retire Around the World and Still Feel Wealthy

You’ve worked and saved your entire life to build your nest egg. Years of strategic investments, smart financial decisions, budgeting, and hard work have led you to the point where you can retire and reap the rewards of your wealth.

Many retirees decide to sell their homes and uproot upon entering retirement. Although more affluent retirees won’t need to sell their home to downsize for budget reasons, you may still want to move somewhere new to give yourself the opportunity to explore and build a new life in a more comfortable or exciting location.

One of the best things about saving wealth for retirement is that you have the freedom to go wherever you want. Wealthy retirees can have a blast in these top five countries for retirement around the world.

Top five countries for Retirement around the World

1. Costa Rica

If you like nature and new cultures, Costa Rica is the place for you. There, you will find a kind and accepting culture, beautiful animals, breathtaking scenery, and a comfortable climate that makes every day feel like paradise. Costa Rica also has a low cost of living and affordable healthcare to meet your need

s as you age. Who could resist spending retirement lounging on a beach or partaking in endless outdoor activities?

2. Thailand

The balmy islands of Thailand are the perfect luxury spot for affluent retirees looking to settle in on a beach, kick back and live out their days in bliss. Travel and the cost of living is cheap there, so your savings can go a long way as you soak up the sunshine. And, not only that but the culture in Thailand is very rich, so you can have fun while learning and expanding your horizons.

3. Portugal

Portugal is top-of-mind for wealthy retirees in 2019 thanks to its gorgeous looks, welcoming local population, and beachfront atmospheres. Two top locations are Algarve and Cascais, both known for their coastline appeals and luxurious standards of living. Portugal as a whole is safe, warm, and interesting, creating the ideal peaceful retirement spot.

4. Spain

Spain has the best of so many worlds and is a great international retirement destination, whether you love the beach, mountains, cities, or all of the above. The climate in Spain is warm year-round, so you won’t need to adjust or fly away for winter, and there’s a ton to do, giving you plenty of activity options to fill your endless free time. Plus, Spain has great healthcare and a low cost of living compared to the rest of Europe.

5. United States

Of course, while international retirement is appealing to some, there are hundreds of wonderful areas to retire in right here in the United States! If you’re looking for a change of scenery while living in luxury, consider moving to the Big Apple, Palm Beach, San Francisco, Paradise Valley, or Beverly Hills. These spots are known for top-quality retirement living, and each offers its own blend of unique climate, scenery, and activities to try.

Best places to retire in California

The best financial advisors in Los Angeles often come across clients who prefer to think out of the box. Usually, an individual’s retirement plan is all about the ‘dollars’ and the ‘age-limits’. But sometimes it’s not. Planning to buy a home in your dream destination once you retire? No worries, there are many who think alike.

Incidentally, California happens to be one of the most sought-after places for people planning to retire. However, the place is pricey too! If you still want to enjoy the superb weather and all the other things that the Golden State has to offer, some of the places that you can turn your head to include: Los Angeles, Santa Cruz, Sacramento, and Santa Barbara!

best places to retire in california

When you have a lot of money to work with, making financial decisions about it can be daunting, especially as you approach retirement. For this reason, you should work with the best financial planner in Los Angeles who is knowledgeable about wealth, retirement, and more. We can help you take retirement from just “okay” to over-the-top exciting.

Your financial planner can help you make the right decisions leading up to retirement to ensure you have the most money possible to work with, and also so you are prepared for what happens to your wealth after you’re gone. They can even give you real estate advice so that you get the most out of your home buying and selling experiences. If you’re considering moving in retirement, don’t hesitate to consult your financial advisor as soon as you can.

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