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The Financial Repercussions of Kim Kardashian´s Social Media Hiatus

Samuel Rad Explains The Financial Repercussions of Kim Kardashian´s Social Media Hiatus

Paris, France – Since being bound, gagged, and robbed at gunpoint last week in her Paris hotel room, Kim Kardashian has retracted from the public’s eye in quite a significant manner.  The reality star has, due to the attack suspended the production of the show her family has on E! – Keeping up With the Kardashians and has canceled all of her upcoming appearances, she has also decided to remain silent on the social media front. Kim has decided, according to TMZ, to take an entire month away from her commitments, this move is one which could cost her more than $1 million.

Samuel Rad, financial advisor to the rich and famous, when speaking to People estimated that the worth of Kim Kardashian’s posts “are worth to her overall brand a minimum of $20,000 a piece” – this does not include the amount that she rakes in from posts that are paid by sponsors. Rad explained: At least $1 million is being generated by Kim´s overall brand a month simply through general posts, this does not include anything that has been specifically contracted with companies.” On top of that, he estimates that the income she generates from appearances on special events could add on another $200,000 to $300,000 to the income she could potentially end up missing out on.

That being said, Samuel Rad surmised that in the lone run, Kim might actually benefit, especially if her return to social media is correctly handled:

“What I believe will happen is that after not having posted for quite some time, the first post she will put up will generate so much more followers and hits. I believe that it is something which may end up helping her…I also believe that it may be a huge moneymaker for her brand…People anticipate hearing from Kim. If she positions herself correctly, Kim could have a media score that is quite the blockbuster.”

The downside for Kim has been that not only has she incurred a loss from social media and her stolen jewelry which included a diamond ring worth $4 million; she has also since the robbery, substantially beefed up her personal security.

Read the full article from Harper’s Bazaar here.

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